The Link Between Black Lives Matter and Communism in America 2020

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Media Bias

These screenshots were taken in 2020.
FBI Crime Stats source

Jewish Controlled Media

All six of the companies that controlled 90% of the media in 2011 have been under Jewish leadership, even though Jews are only roughly 2% of the American population.
Media infographic source

BRIAN ROBERTS—CEO and chairman of Comcast

DAVID COHEN—executive vice-president of Comcast

RUPERT MURDOCH—founder and executive chairman of News Corp

BOB IGER—Executive Chairman of Disney

SHARI REDSTONE—founder and chairwoman of Viacom CBS

ROBERT MARCUS—former CEO of Time Warner, which is now under Charter Communications
sourcesource (page 15)

Jewish Identity

Not all Jews identify as white

Jews and Communism

Jews have made up a small percentage of the world population, yet they have been overrepresented as leaders of communist movements in various countries. Russia had successfully been turned into a communist country, and America may also be turned into a communist country.

—Communist leaders include Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin, Jozef Unszlichthad, and Genrikh Yagoda.

Bolshevik—(after 1918) a member of the Russian Communist Party source

“Many of the leading early Bolsheviks, such as Trotsky, were Jews….” source

“[Vladimir] Lenin was almost certainly unaware of his part Jewish ancestry.” source

“Lenin’s maternal grandfather, the exhibition revealed, was born Jewish.”

“Gregory Zinoviev was born…to Jewish dairy farmers….” source

Zinoviev was born to lower middle-class Jewish parents….” source

“Leon Trotsky…the fifth child of a Ukrainian-Jewish family of wealthy farmers….” source

“Jozef Unszlichthad was Jewish.” source

“[Genrikh] Yagoda was born in Rybinsk into a Jewish family.” source

“Genrikh Yagoda was born into a Jewish family in Rybinsk, on 7th November, 1891.” source


“Four ashkenazik Jews were in the small group that founded the first Communist Party of Cuba in 1925: Grimberg, Vasserman, Simjovich a.k.a. Grobart, and Gurbich.” source

“This equates to jews representing only 0.6 percent of the Cuban population. Therefore the fact that three out of the ten founders of the [Communist Party of Cuba]… were jewish, while not conclusive it is suggestive that jewish involvement with the [Communist Party of Cuba] was significant.” source

Since Jews make up only about 2% of the population, there's only a 2% chance that the first American to have joined the Chinese Communist Party was Jewish and a 98% chance that the first American to have joined the Chinese Communist Party was not Jewish. Yet we see here that the first American to have joined the Chinese Communist Party was Jewish.

“Sidney Rittenberg, and American from South Carolina, was one of the few non-Chinese people to become a senior member of the Chinese Communist party.” source

“[Sidney Rittenberg] was the first American Citizen to join the [Chinese Communist Party].” source

“Rittenberg was born into a Jewish family…" source

“[Rittenberg] was born into a prominent Jewish family in Charleston…” source

Leaders and revolutionaries associated with the Communist Party of Germany included Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Radek, Gregory Zinoviev, and Paul Levi.

“The Luxemburg family were Polish Jews.” source

“[Rosa Luxemburg] grew up in an assimilated, middle class Jewish family." source

“Radek was born…to a Jewish Litvak family….” source

"Karl Radek, the son of Jewish parents, was born in Lemberg in 1885…. In 1913 he met Lenin and Gregory Zinoviev and became a Bolshevik.” source

“Paul Levi was born…to a well-to-do Jewish merchant family.” source

“Because of [Paul Levi’s] Jewish roots, he became the target of a hateful anti-Semitic campaign in the press.” source


“[Adolf] Warski was born into an assimilated Polish Jewish family.” source

"Adolf Warski…was a Jewish leader and theoretician of the communist movement in Poland.” source

“Maksymilian Horwitz was born to a Jewish family in Warsaw…” source

“Horwitz, Maksymilian…was born in Warsaw to a middle-class Jewish family…” source

Jozef Lewartowski…birth name: Aron Finkelstein……was a Polish communist politician of Jewish origin, revolutionary, member of the [Communist Party of Poland]…and one of the first organizers of the Jewish resistance in Nazi-occupied Poland…” source

“…three were also KC KPP members (S. Amsterdam, Aron Lewartowski and Szymon Zachariasz)…” source (page 50 of “Jews in the Polish Communist Movement by Henryk Cimek”)

“[Alfred] Lampe was born into a Jewish working-class family in Warsaw.” source

“In the area of operation of [Communist Party of Poland] proper (western and central Poland numerically dominated by ethnic Poles), 22-26% of the members were Jewish, according to the party sources.” source

BLM and Communism

Black Lives Matter (BLM) founder Alicia Garza is also Jewish, and BLM leader Patrisse Cullors explains in a video that BLM is a Marxist (communist) organization.

YouTube source (0:50)
BLM are trained Marxist
Garza's Wikipedia article says she's Jewish.

Garza says she's Jewish source

It seems that a cabal/clique is trying to overthrow the American government by promoting Black Lives Matter in the media. As you can see from the infographic saying that six companies control 90% of the media, a relatively small number of people is in charge of most of the mainstream news. These people are similar. They’re uber-wealthy. Maybe super-rich people hang out with other super-rich people, so their social circle is probably quite small. Maybe the leaders of The Big Six know each other and are friends with each other. Plus, they may know each other from working in the same industry (the media). They are disproportionately part of the same ethnic group. They are disproportionately Jewish. Maybe they are a part of the same Jewish community, so maybe they know each other that way. The Jewish population in America is only about two percent. There are more Asians than Jews in America, yet you don’t see a disproportionate number of Asians in the very top positions of the media industry.

Is it possible that the people on top decided together to push BLM (communism) in the media? White-bashing is the current trend in journalism, and maybe leaders in The Big Six allowed or pushed for that to happen. Maybe that's why white, non-Jewish journalists would choose to betray their own race by highlighting white-on-black grievances and largely ignoring black-on-white grievances. I have a feeling that in its quest to uproot the criminal justice system, the media wlll try more and more to do stories against cops in general no matter the race of the cop.


Below are screenshots of sources just in case the websites are taken down or changed

Murdoch and Marcus









Germany (and/or Russia)

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